Why Choose Us

XpressHAND is an apartment search locator to help you find a furnished apartment that meets all of your criteria of affordability, luxury, and proximity. Looking for an affordable furnished apartment can be stressful. Let us lend a hand! So, your moving to a new place and perhaps even a new city should be stress-free, simple and enjoyable.

Affordable & Luxury

Don't want to spend $3000/month for furnished one (1) Bedroom Apartment? Let XpressHAND find luxury furnished apartments (1, 2 or 3 bedrooms) at a fraction of the cost.

Save Time & Avoid Frustration

Affordable and decent furnished apartments are hard to find. XpressHAND can locate affordable high quality furnished apartments through our advanced search technology.


Airbnb marketplace is often lack of consistency. What you see over the Internet, it is not actually what you get. No more guessing and no more surprises if you use our service.

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